February 13, 2014
by laurie
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wilco // thursday tunes

Lots of changes happening around me lately. But one things for sure, I’m still (pretty much) sticking to a few things I wanted to improve in 2014. One of those is getting back to basics – and for me, that’s music. For a long time, my life revolved around it and over the past few years, I drifted away. But I’m getting back to it, thank goodness!

My husband and I bonded over music even before we dated, so needless to say, it’s part of our foundation. I mentioning this because we just past our 9 year mark together, and Wilco was one of the first bands we went to see when we started dating. So, on to it!

Candyfloss is one of my favorite Wilco songs. It’s a hidden track on the Summerteeth album – my favorite Wilco album. Unfortunately, there’s no music video, so I just have the audio for you.

Hear the 60s influence? I hope your Thursday is as awesome as this song!

February 4, 2014
by laurie

my small wish list

I am so ready for Spring! Here are some items I’m currently loving:

Loeffler Randall milla scallop flat
Anna Sheffield bea arrow studs

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.03.06 PM
Anthropologie tropicalist shift

In other news…

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind, for sure! I made a few new year’s resolutions that I’ve been spending some time on – 1. purging some of my growing collection of clothes and housewares, 2. writing for our blog again (woo!) and 3. being more active. I’ll write more about that in a bit though!

January 27, 2014
by laurie

orla kiely for clarks // fashion monday

Oh my goodness! Orla can do no wrong in my book. I’ve posted about her before, and my home is, ahem, filled with Orla Kiely housewares, bedding, and clothes. So, needless to say, I’m a major fan.

Now we have SHOES! Yes, and they don’t disappoint. I love a good vintage through back, especially chunky heels. I think the the all green ones in the second image, named “Matilda,” are my favorite, but I think I’d get walk some miles on all of them if I could. Which style is your favorite?



Images from boy meets fashion.

January 23, 2014
by laurie

nancy sinatra and lee hazlewood // thursday tunes

If you’ve met me outside of the blogosphere, you know I have so much love for 60s music! It all started when I realized our Dad had tons of vinyl packed tightly in the attic (yikes!) He started telling me all about The Who, The Troggs, The Kinks, and I could go on for a long time. From there, I really just started looking for similar bands on the internet, and I stumbled upon this song and many, many others that I’ll share in time.

For me, Some Velvet Morning is a song I’ll always look for in the winter months. It was recorded in 1967, and I think this was recorded for a TV special. This is definitely one of those songs that I get stuck in my head for days – you can thank me later. I love the way the duet was performed, the way they take turns singing in response to each other. It’s like a bad dream then a good dream over and over again.

I hope you enjoy it!

January 22, 2014
by lisa

falling for counters // decor wednesday

waterfall countertop 2
So it’s not exactly decor, but I can’t help it.  I keep wishing for a kitchen to redo so that I can put in waterfall countertops.  Is that weird? Probably.  But, how amazing do they look?

waterfall countertop1

I think they can take a center island from blah to glam… all it takes is a bit more of whatever you’re covering the counters with.

waterfall countertop 4

Genius, right?

images via here, houzz and houzz

January 21, 2014
by laurie

my wedding dress

I want to share something really important with you, my lovely modern vintage love readers.

Until now, I haven’t displayed much of my dress on any social media. I guess I was still keeping it under lock and key like it was something special only for me, but that makes no sense at all anymore, right? I mean, the groom has seen it now, so here goes!

The story of my dress starts a little something like this: girl doesn’t see any bridal dresses she likes. Girl sees Sarah Seven dresses. Girl MUST HAVE a Sarah Seven dress. Sound familiar to anyone who’s been to a school dance, formal, or been married before? Insert your designer of choice above, please.

So that’s exactly what happened, and I traveled back and forth to San Francisco a few times for fittings with Sarah herself (who’s a lovely lady, by the way!) I ended up buying two dresses – my wedding dress (with a little rhinestone bow belt), my rehearsal dinner dress, and the most lovely peter pan collar all by Sarah Seven.

Laurie & James-005

The design of the dress was perfect for me, a modern throwback to the early 60s. The illusion neckline was something I had definitely thought about before even seeing her dresses, and it’s like she read my mind with this dress. And the name of the dress is “fields of flowers,” how could I not fall in love with it? The skirt of it was a few layers of tulle, and it was extremely comfortable and lightweight.

Laurie & James-044

Here’s a better view of the collar, something I’ll wear for a very, very long time!

Laurie & James-053

So I didn’t wear the collar for the ceremony, only the reception. Here’s a shot of my bow belt though. Excuse my funny face!

Laurie & James-062

And finally, a full length shot. Too bad you can’t see my purple suede Ferragamo heels. I’ll save those for another post!

Laurie & James-114

Thank you for reading about my favorite dress!

All photos taken by flutter glass photography. Veil by Tessa Kim.

January 20, 2014
by lisa

pastel day to night // fashion monday

shoshanna rosie sheath dress

Lately, I can’t help buying things that can easily transition from work (day) to play (evening).  While there are some occasions that warrant a separate wardrobe, there are a lot that can overlap.  I have an evening event coming up in March…  I’ll need to look polished, but not dressy like I’m attending a cocktail party.   Enter the perfect dress from Shoshanna, found at ShopBop.  Pastels are big for the spring, and this dress is easy to dress up or down.

pastel dress - day to evening accessories #modervintagelove

day bag // day sandals // evening bag // evening sandals

Do you ever find a piece on a site, and then begin seeing what the rest of the site has to offer to dress it up?  I did that today on ShopBop.  For me, daytime is about pops of color.  In early spring, I tend to stick to black and white as accessories at night, in order to stay a bit muted.  Should I pull the trigger?

image via ShopBop

January 16, 2014
by laurie

chvrches // thursday tunes

I really don’t mean to start off the year with a darker tune (I’m normally so pumped about all the new stuff the year has to offer) but this band is so good at what they do. In a deliciously dark way, they’re able to craft a beautifully danceable track and make it an “I’ll get you back really bad” song. I’ve had these guys on repeat for awhile, and I love love working out to their album, The Bones of What You Believe. How’s that for a positive twist?!

I’d love to hear what you guys are listening to – feel free to share.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

January 15, 2014
by lisa

black and white // decor wednesday

bold yellow curtains and black furniture

My decor taste continues to morph every day, but the one thing that stays the same is my love for bold colors, patterns and statements.  Black and white together can be classic or contemporary…  and when done in the right way, they can be just plain gorgeous.  I’m not typically a fan of yellow, but when I saw the room above, I was instantly in love.  It’s grounded by pink, pops of patterns, and of course, black & white.

black and white desk chair

Even in a small space, a hand-painted black and white stripe desk chair can dress it up.  This chair makes a bold statement in a desk space, and is grounded perfectly by the pink decorative bowl.

black and white dining room

The best use of black and white, for me, is this beautiful wall detail.  Black walls could be overwhelming, but they look chic and gorgeous with white trim and inlays.  The white table, chairs and green chandelier are perfect!

I’m now wondering what room in my house I could update with black and white…

images via lisaroy, little green notebook and the decorista

January 13, 2014
by laurie

…and we’re back!

Hello there!

We thought it was high time we got back to our beloved blog. We both took an extended break to work on a few other things in our lives, but we’re both so excited to say hi and write about our favorite things again!

So my break was a bit long than Lisa’s…I got married! The preparations took up an enormous amount of time and energy, but now that we’re getting settled and back into the swing of things, I’ll share some of our crafts we made along the way!

I’ll leave you with this photo from our rehearsal dinner – Lisa is on the left, I’m in the center (wearing Sarah Seven), and our younger sister, Christie in on the right. Come say hi on Instagram!