coffee table conundrum


I have been looking for a new coffee table for years…  yes, years.  There are several problems, starting with the fact that I don’t know what I want.  I keep hoping for divine intervention (or someone to read my mind and put all of the things I like together into one table). 

Secondly, everything that I like these days it too low.  I know that low profile coffee tables are fashionable and chic, but truthfully, we need a taller table.  We are lazy and eat dinner on our couch most nights, and we need something that we can eat on!  I have searched high and low, on just about every website there is and in any furniture store I see, and still no ideas.  West Elm has some great tables right now, but none really go with OR compliment the aesthetic that we have going on. 

The search continues…

All images courtesy of West Elm

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