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As you may know, losing some weight is part of my list of things to do this year – 30 Things to do in my 30th Year.  While I’ve been working out a ton, I have not been great about eating.  I’ve always been conscious about what I eat, but nothing makes me more aware than MyFitnessPal.  We have had an on-and-off friendship for several years now, and I’m back on the train.  What’s nice is that as its popularity has grown, so has the foods included in the app (or website).

So, if you’re trying to lose weight…  it’s a good place to start!  There is an app for the iPhone, iPad and I’m sure for Android.  Now, if I can just keep motivated…

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  1. There sure is an Android app! Also, you can access from a computer, in case your place of employment is not cell phone friendly (like my classroom!).

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