what’s old is new…


It’s easy to go on and on about how certain fashion re-emerge over time.  Some that I can think of right now are skinny pants (per the 50s and 60s), maxi skirts (per the 70s), neon (per the 80s), printed pants (per the 90s), and belly shirts (per the 90s/2000s).  There are inevitably shoes that follow along with the same clothing patterns…  platforms, wedges, canvas sneakers, strappy sandals, etc.  I can forgive all of those shoe trends, and not necessarily partake in the ones that I don’t agree with (canvas flats = keds = not for Lisa).

Some that I cannot get over and refuse to believe are making a comeback are Birkenstocks.  Yes, they have always been around and probably popular, but not necessarily for the fashion-seeker.  I have seen them on several online fashion retailers as of late and their debut on Anthropologie put me over the edge!  I will admit to wearing them in middle school (probably with umbros and a t-shirt (sad), or a dress (cute?!)), and it wasn’t good then.  I will not give in to this (what I hope is not a) trend.

What do you think about Birkenstocks making a comeback?


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