crafty weekend


I have big plans for the weekend…  well, not HUGE plans, but a few things that I want to do.  My husband will be in Puerto Rico visiting a friend and while he gets to go to beautiful beaches there, I can go to a regular beach.  My mom and sister are coming up for a bit of the weekend for some beach time, but otherwise, I will have some time to complete some projects.  One of those projects will be creating a new wreath for our front door.   The hubs basically despises the one we have, and I don’t have a good one for late spring/summer.  So, I’ll make one.

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I found this beauty on Pinterest, so I’m going to attempt to make it.  A “R” may be a bit more difficult because of the curves…  but I think it should still be easy enough.  Along with that, tearing out pages in old magazines and possibly doing some touch-up paint around the house, I think I’ll be more than busy enough.

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